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creative prosess of.................. the mirror

River Wood

There are many ways I acquire objects that are utilized for unique custom furniture with art and design the focus of the artistic functional creation.  Usually I get a feeling that I will find something on that day or sooner and then I go with the flow of that energy... its like intuition or gut feeling. For this particular object It had already started when I decided to go on hike. I eventually wandered off the trail toward the river to go with the flow  "all that wander are not lost".  Within a relativity short period of time a very small piece of wood caught my attention along the river bank.  It was bigger than I thought burried in the river rocks and river sand. As I dug around it enough to expose the form I knew this was a gift to be used to create something. At that time that's all I knew and apparently all I needed to know to give me the energy to tote that waterlogged piece of wood that got heaver with each mile, for miles, and miles, back to the trail head.

Broken Mirror

This object did not require a lot of expended energy like the river wood. It was as simple as discovering that a mirror I had saved, had been broken by accident.  When I looked at the pieces I immediately visualized that one broken piece of mirror on the river wood. Which brings me to a point. Its seems that once I have acquired more than one objects that fit together some how some way the direction becomes revealed to me as a visualization or just known to me without question. I have even had dreams that have given me the direction to go with a project if I am stuck or blocked.

Idea Manifesting

Since I had seen the objects fitting together in my minds eye I got excited. Keep in mind years have gone by, its not like this all happens fast. So when the prospect of it actually manifesting into being right now was when the creative energy multiplied exponentially, and that was the energy wave I rode as I was fitting it together.  Miraculously it was like putting pieces of a puzzle together. The mirror was exactly the right size and shape to fit in the natural groves and against the pieces of the river wood that stuck up, (it required no carving or fitting of the wood) it just fit. 

Allow It's Evolution

As I was basking in the moment of fit wonder, I see blaring at me in all its shinning glory the broken edge of mirror catching the light telling me that my work is not done.  So the next challenge was to find a way to hide the broken edges of the mirror. It was not long before the next revelation. I almost immediately visualized flat rocks I had collected at the lake one day, so put a few on and it looked great. The cool part is I went back to the same spot at the lake to get more of those rocks for the missing puzzle pieces needed to fill the gaps in the frame around the mirror.

Finshing Touch

When I decided to sell the mirror I applied several coats of Waterlox sealant on the wood and rock. So now it looks as heavy as it did when I toted it farther than a man without a vision. (but its not waterlogged).

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